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Frequently Asked Questions

1.When will you be launching the You Animal! 30 Day All-in-One Litter System?

Our 30 Day All-in-One Litter System will be launching on Indiegogo in March 2017. Details are currently being finalized and will be updated on our website and social media pages on Facebook, instagram and pinterest.

2. Where can I buy the You Animal! All-in-One Litter System.

Our litter system will be sold initially on Indiegogo. Once we have successfully launched and started production we will begin to offer our product on the on-line store on our website and at specific retail locations. We will list these locations on our website when they become available. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow our social media pages in order to receive updates and information.

3. Why do you call your product a litter system?

The You Animal! 30 Day All-in-One Litter System is called a “system” because it is more than just litter. It is a disposable litter box, our unique multi-layer litter, and an optional delivery service to receive a new box every month.

4.Does your litter system really last 30 days?

We have tested our system to ensure it truly delivers on the 30 Day claim and it really does. Please note this is based on usage by 1 cat only. If more than one(1) cat is using the system, the length of use is reduced accordingly ( i.e. 2 cats results in 15 days of use)

5. Do you guarantee it will last 30 days?

You Animal! offers a 100% guarantee on the purchase price of your system if you are not fully satisfied. Please contact us at if you need to reach us.

6. What is so unique about your litter?

Our litter is 100% all natural,non-toxic, and safe for adult cats and kittens. It is also the only multi-layer cat litter on the market. Our litter reduces scooping by 80% because you only Scoop the Poop.

7. How does your litter reduce scooping by 80%?

Average adult cats tend to pee four (4) times for every poop. When you use traditional clumping litter you have to scoop both the pee and poop. With our litter, the urine is absorbed so you “Just Scoop the Poop” reducing scooping by 80%.

8. What are the ingredients in your litter?

The base ingredient in our litter is a natural clay called attapulgite. The natural properties of attapulgite, being highly absorbent and odor controlling, make it perfect as a non-clumping litter.

9. What is the purpose of the multiple layers?

Our All-in-One Litter System uses a unique multi-layered litter. The bottom layer (Box #1) contains attapulgite plus additional natural ingredients to help absorb and neutralize urine and odors. The 2 additional layers (Boxes #2 & #3) are attapulgite based. They neutralize and absorb urine plus they lock-in odors in the lower layer. It is critical therefore that the layers be poured into the case in the proper order, 1-2-3 , in order for the litter to properly perform.

10. What makes the You Animal! 30 Day Cat Litter System environmentally friendly?

Our litter itself is 100% natural. It can be disposed of in your garbage or compost bin. The case liner is made from potato starch and is biodegradable. The case itself is corrugate which has not been waxed so it can be recycled. And the plastic handle is recyclable in most community programs.

11. Will You Animal! be offering any other products?

You Animal! is a new pet brand and we plan to offer more unique and fuss free quality products that add value to the lives of pets and pet owners. Stay tuned by signing up for our You Animal! newsletter and visit us on our social media pages ( facebook, instagram and pinterest)